Eco-Adventure and Spanish Language Program



  • 20 hours of Spanish lessons on a one on one basis at our mountain lodge.
  • Stay for 4 days at our beautiful mountain lodge River front with natural swimming pools and massive river boulders.  Double Cabin Tents of Private Cabin Tents or Dorms. (LME) 3 meals per day will be served. Lovely Latin style food.
  • 5 Eco-Tours( Hiking at Pico Bonito National Park, Rafting, Cangrejal  River Hiking, El Cacao lagoon and Canopy Hot springs  and rock swimming pools.). One tour per day. Daily transportation to the site of the tour. 4 tours except CANOPY offered by LME
  • Expert guides per tour.
  • First aids equipment.
  • Swim at the natural rock pools. LME
  • Transfer day 2 and return to town day 5. LME
  • Transfer to Canopy and Hot Springs at Sambo Creek
  • Thursday is Disco party in town. (Ladies Night)!!
  • Airport transfer from and to the lodge.
  • Breathe pure air and relax in nature.   



Registration fee: $100.00 non refundable in order to reserve your space of the program you choose.

Hiking in the Pico Bonito Nt. Park

Imagine an informative hike on natural trails through the dense jungles of Pico Bonito National Park, then coming out into the light and spray at the base of an incredible 350 feet waterfall. This is the refreshing and exhilarating way to explore Honduras!

Hiking in Pico Bonito National Park, 4-5hrs Pico Bonito National Park has both rainforest and cloud forest ecosystems. We will cross the river and enter into the pristine jungle. Our local guides will educate and enlighten you about their jungle paradise as you hike the trails through dense rainforest. Pico Bonito National Park contains extensive flora and fauna, incredible birdlife and is home to hundreds of different species of butterflies including the famous Blue Morpho. Your aspiration of the hike is to reach El Bejuco, a magnificent 150 ft waterfall and your effort will be rewarded with the refreshing mist that wills envelope you.

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Rafting on the Rio Cangrejal

Want to get wet and rejuvenated by the fresh, clean white water of La Ceiba’s beautiful Cangrejal River? Get ready to paddle hard and be amazed by the wonderful experience of tropical rafting through the jungle. Beginners to advance.

Rio Cangrejal offers some of the best white water rafting in Central America, with lots of drops, waterfalls, and narrow passages. The tour begins with a short river hike, which will have you leaping off of massive boulders and drifting through mild sections of the river. After the warm up, you will receive rafting instruction from our professional, highly trained guides. Then you will be ready for your white water adventure. Rushing through rapids class III and IV, maneuvering the twist and turns of the river while bounding over waterfalls and massive rocks. This is a rafting experience that all experience levels can enjoy. Please bring short, tennis shoes or river sandal. Cameras protected in dry bags of pelican case.

At the end we return to Jungle Hostel at Put in to enjoy our dinner. At night we can make a FIRE PIT when possible.
Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\Fotos Manuel M\Rafting Cangrejal\MINO AT EL PITAL.JPG

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Cangrejal River Hiking

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Drive 20 min.  to Bridge Las Mangas on Cangrejal River where our river descend start by floating a big swimming pool. The goal is to float as much as possible using life jackets, helmets and tennis shoes or river sandals on safe pools on rapids class II and avoid shalow and big rapids hiking along river. Two guides will be available with rescue rope and first aid. Floating and hiking along river will take around 4 hrs. till we arrive to our headquarter. Cameras are welcome protected in dry bags and pelican case. Spectaculars boulders and refreshing pools are common during panoramic floating trip.


Cacao Lagoon Kayaking or Typical Wood Canoeing

Located approximately 24 km. east of La Ceiba, on the highway that leads to Trujillo we find Laguna de Cacao. This small Oceanside lagoon is totally surrounded by mangrove forests, where a variety of tropical acuity birds can be seen. In addition, there are 8 troops of monkeys that inhabit the area, of which some are howler monkeys and the others are white face monkeys. The trip into the area is interesting, as the village makes a living from, its cacao, fishing, African oil palm plantations, and subsistence agriculture. Cacao, a rare tropical fruit native to America was used in pre-Columbian times as money, due to the great value that the native Indians gave to it. Today, it is the main ingredient in the manufacturing of chocolate. Within the town you will have the opportunity to see the Cacao bushes, as well as small scale sugar cane plantations and without doubt, the old, and still in use ox driven sugar mill will fascinate you. After the hike through the village, we will proceed to a small canal, where you will embark yourself on a small handmade dugout canoe or sea kayaks for a trip through the mangrove canals into the lagoon. The ride will allow you sneak up on a variety of birds and your chances of seeing some of the monkeys in the area are excellent. After the scenic ride through the quiet lagoon and its mangroves, you will have a chance to take a refreshing swim in the beach, from where you have a very beautiful view of the Cayos Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\Fotos Manuel M\Kayaking y Canoeing\VUELO RIO PLATANO 241.jpgCochinos, located only 15 km. away, directly in front of the beach.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\Fotos Manuel M\Kayaking y Canoeing\SK EL CACAO.jpg


Canopy zip-line and Hot Springs Tour

Join us for a thrilling adventure and magical experience in our very own first growth rainforest bordering on Pico Bonito National Park. Capture exquisite birds eye views as you literally fly through the jungle. Safe, fun and for all ages.

Have you ever wanted see the jungle through the eyes of a bird or test out your Tarzan skills, soaring from tree top to tree top? We offer you our Zip line Canopy Tour and not to toot our own horn but, we were the first to offer this unique experience on the North Coast of Honduras.

At the Lodge you will be fitted with our state-of-the-art rappelling equipment and given thorough instruction along with a practice run. Once on the first platform the adventure begins with an exhilarating whiz across Rio Cangrejal. Our zip line course has a total of 8 high wires that whisk you from tree to tree, traversing the jungle canopy all the while accompanied and assisted by our professional guides.


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